Lead Poisoning Prevention

What is Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning is caused by swallowing or breathing lead.  Lead is toxic and can cause brain damage, slowed growth and development, and problems with learning, behavior, hearing and speech.

How Does Lead Poisoning Occur?

Children are usually exposed to lead from paint chips and dust from lead paint in older homes.  Lead paint was banned in the late 1970's.  These paint chips and dust may land on windowsills, the floor, outdoor soil, toys or their fingers.  Children often put their hands and other items in their mouth, and lead poisoning occurs when children put items contaminated with lead dust in their mouth.

Public Health Support

Public Health works with families with children with elevated blood lead levels to reduce the impact of lead poisoning in children.  Public Health will provide education and other interventions based on your child's lead level.

Revised 11.29.2022