Seeking Contractors to Assist Senior Fall Prevention Program

Oconto County Health & Human Services seeks to establish a pool of qualified contractors to assist the Senior Fall Prevention Program.  The contractors will make minor home modifications and install equipment such as grab bars or hand rails in homes of program participants.

Qualifications Required of Contractor

  • Experience with commercial or residential remodeling.
  • Workers Compensation coverage per statutory requirements.
  • Satisfactory references.
  • Liability coverage as follows:
    • Bodily Injury
      • $1 million per person
      • $1 million each accident
      • $1 million each aggregate
    • Property Damage
      • $1 million each accident
      • $1 million aggregate
    • Copies of the Certificate of Insurance shall be sent to the County.

Expectations of Contractor

  • Oconto County Health & Human Services (OCH&HS) will determine the work to be completed at the program participant’s residence.
  • OCH&HS will contact the contractor with the work request.
  • Contractor will:
    • Determine acceptance of the project within 2 working days of the request.
    • Complete the requested work within 2 weeks of acceptance unless agreed upon by OCH&HS
    • Provide a billing statement to OCH&HS for payment of services or mileage, as agreed upon with each project.
    • Submit billing statement within one week of project completion
    • Not charge program participant for any work completed.
    • Respect the private property of the program participant.
  • Contractor and OCH&HS will negotiate reduced or pro bono rate per project.
  • OCH&HS will make payment within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
  • Contractor shall not assign any part of the agreement to another party without written consent of Oconto County.


Click HERE for the application.

All information in the application is subject to disclosure.

Revised 8.28.2023