What to expect during a car seat check appointment

What is a car seat check appointment?

At your car seat check appointment, you will meet one-on-one with Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPS Techs) for around 30 minutes per car seat.  The CPS Tech is trained to teach you and our goal is that you leave feeling confident that your child's seat is installed correctly and you feel comfortable reinstalling it on your own.  Click HERE to learn more about CPS Techs.

What to Bring to Your Car Seat Check Appointment

  • Your child or children whose seats are getting checked.
  • Their current car seat.
  • The instruction manual for their current car seat.
  • Your vehicle owners manual.
  • A vehicle.
  • If your child is already born, bring their height and weight.
  • Toys/books to keep your child's attention so you are able to learn during the appointment.

What Happens During the Car Seat Check Appointment?

A CPS Tech will:

  • Fill out a form to note the car seat type, location in vehicle and child height/weight.
  • Make sure that the car seat is appropriate for your child's age and size.
  • Review the car seat instructions and vehicle owners manual to make sure that both are being followed correctly.
  • Check the car seat for recalls, visible damage and an expiration date.
  • Teach you how to install the seat correctly in the car.
  • Teach you to safely buckle your child in the seat.
  • Watch you install the seat and buckle your child in the seat.
  • Discuss next steps for each child.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

Revised 7.24.2023